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Essence of invest

The Origin

 1972-1998  unique business

The group was started by the Royo family, who founded their own bathroom furniture factory in 1972 and are now the European leaders in bathroom fittings, RGIB. These beginnings required so much effort and the reinvestment of profits. Starting with kitchen furniture that would later be discontinued and then migrating to the line production that making bathroom furniture allowed us to do.

Years later, the family acquired a 1,200m2 facility which they equipped with machinery as the first step towards industrialization. In 1990 the export phase started, mainly to Germany, which was an important driver for the company until the end of the decade

  1998-2006 business diversification

As a result of the founders' entrepreneurial career, from the 1990s onwards the Royo family began a process of business diversification, investing in the real estate, tile, storage, lighting and solar energy sectors, as well as incorporating companies related to the main business , such as taps, or hydromassage baths, as well as a second factory in 1998 in Córdoba.

… With the drive of the second generation, the family brings together all activities under a single brand, giving rise to invest, a global investment family office

  2006 Creation of the Family Office

In 2007, after 35 years of business experience and with the encouragement of the second generation, the family brought all its activities together under a single brand, giving rise to Invext, a family office with global investment. This decision meant a qualitative leap in terms of investment management. At this stage, the owners decided to sell shares and acquire others such as 51% of a factory in Poland, thus making an international leap forward from a manufacturing point of view. It is at this stage that it was decided to incorporate a venture capital fund into the core business as early as 2016 and to sell the business premises, resulting in a strong investment and asset diversification capability.


Invext Corporation seeks to generate shareholder value, in a sustainable and long-term manner, while maintaining the spirit and principles promoted by its shareholders.



Invext is committed to corporate governance as an indispensable discipline in the search for excellence. The governing bodies are highly defined and structured, with independent professionals present on the boards.



invest is inclined to carry out its investments in direct companies or funds that have innovation as the key to their business activity, with a competitive advantage, a defined strategic plan and a professional team.

Traditional Holdings



exponential holdings






"A historical trajectory of smart, social and committed investment"


Invext's objective is to invest in two types of assets: income and capital gains, always seeking to generate value in each of our investments. Asset rotation is proactive if it generates value, as well as co-investment with partners who identify with our same values.

If you have assets to buy or sell, please contact us. 

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Our transactions on the capital market are the result of a reflection of the investment policy and needs of the shareholders.

The investment policy is based on long-term strategies mainly with global investment funds and with very demanding minimum requirements. Our activity in the financial sector focuses on money market funds, fixed income and equities and we comply with ESG criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance) in a proportion of over 85%.

invest commitment

invest it operates with a profound understanding of the impact that its actions and investments have on the economic and social fabric. That is why we define 4 areas of responsibility:

  • We generate employment.
  • We contribute to the development of the talent of workers and entrepreneurs.
  • We help to consolidate companies in our productive sectors.
  • We support and follow the criteria of the Agenda 2030 ESG.

Our business relationships must be based on transparency to achieve long-term relationships for our shareholders, partners and collaborators.



We participate in different organizations with the aim of helping and providing drive, resources and legacy ..


Our active collaboration with associations and organizations for the social improvement of the environment is an intrinsic attribute of our DNA.

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